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About Play That Game!

What is the Play That Game list?

This list has been created by taking over 1300 'best of' video games lists and combining them to create one master meta-list. In essence, it is a way to try and create a list of critical concensus for video games in the same way that Acclaimed Albums does for music and They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? Does for film.

Where are the lists from?

The short answer: all over the shop. Books, magazines and websites from all over the world have been used. Also, thanks to some Google Alerts and a lot of waiting time in train station newsagents, new lists are being found all the time.

How often is the main list updated?

Depends on when new lists are found that could be included in the calculations. The time between updates can be a weeks or months depending on when new lists are released.

When it comes to website lists that are regularly updated, such as the Kotaku lists, we check in on them every 6-8 months.

How do you deal with games that are multi-console (like Lego Batman) or have received re-releases (like any Virtual Console game)?

We decided very early on that we would not separate a game into multiple entries based on platform. It would make things overly complicated and would mean the Top 100 could feature the same game 4-5 times.

As for re-releases, for the most part they are kept together as well. This is for similar reasons to games on multiple consoles. Exceptions to this would be those where so much new content or mechanics have been added that they could be considered a separate game Pokmon HeartGold being a game that has its own entry separate of the original.

Who are we?

Just two gamers who wanted to make the ultimate list of games to play. We may not agree with all the placements in this list, but considering the number of voices that have been used to make this list... we can't exactly argue too hard.

We also have our own blogs.

Follow Jeroen's journey to play through the 1001 Video Games You Must play before you die at Pong and Beyond.

Follow Peter's bucket list blog where he makes his way through this list of video games as well as best of lists for food, albums, television, comics, books and (his main passion) movies at Before I Kick.

Can we contact you?

Our e-mail is peter@playthatgame.co.uk. We look forward to any comments or (even better) lists you think we may have missed.

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